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sharing in growth awards

Eleven companies have been selected to share their progress at the Sharing in Growth All STAR event at East Midlands Conference Centre on 13th June.

They will now work up their presentation details, before presenting at the All STAR (Sharing Together Achieves Results). SiG’s expert judging panel will then decide which three will take home the coveted trophies from the awards dinner. The trophies are named after SiG’s values of Inspire, Integrity and Ikigai.

The 2018 Sharing in Growth awards finalists are:

Amphenol Invotec Ltd – Driving our Vision, Values and Growth through Gemba

Amphenol Invotec have worked hard on optimising the Business Management System in a complex, high volume, high mix company over the past three years with SiG. The next chapter in their success story is how they have empowered the team, defined clear operational standards / governance and ensured the leadership team provides the support required to deliver the 11% annual growth targets and £34m turnover by 2020.

G&H Ilminster Ltd – People-Process-Progress

G&H aim to double their revenue to £36M by 2022. To meet this the business implemented value streams which have generated training and development, employee empowerment and task ownership opportunities, initiating cultural change with the organisation and delivering results, including the achievement of 55% improvement in throughput on the strategic AO value stream using the lighthouse methodology.

Hyde Aero Products Ltd – Talent management

Hyde have focussed on the role of people in delivering their vision.  Working with Sharing in Growth, they have built a talent management strategy to recruit and retain the right talent at the right time at all levels of the business, improving employee retention and morale as well as yielding significant cost benefits.

LPW Technology Ltd – Adding Vision – Engaging the team!

The success of the LPW mission to achieve 30% year on year growth will be underpinned by their people values.  Sharing in Growth has supported LPW through their cultural development focussing on employee development, business plan deployment, and the transformation from supplier to manufacturer.

Poeton Industries – Enabling the 2020 vision

Poeton have ambitious plans to grow, working with Sharing in Growth they have developed and deployed their strategy.  Rebranding the business, creating 4-year shopfloor layout and transformation plans aligned to sales growth and organisational restructuring are just some of the key charters that are delivering the vision of £20m by 2020

Produmax Ltd – Grow the Future

2025 future Produmax will not look like current Produmax.   They will have new technologies, and will need people who think in different ways, doing jobs that don’t currently exist. They must future-proof Produmax by developing their team now and their approach is already yielding significant cost savings.

RLC Langford Lodge – Creating the platform for sustainable growth

Langford Lodge have now completed the four-year programme with Sharing in Growth, and will share their experiences and learning points through those challenging but rewarding times. Since they started the programme, Langford Lodge have increased their sales by 30%, increased productivity and improved the overall profitability of the site.  Through the implementation of a strong, tiered management process across the site, they have provided a framework from which they recognise their people, and the people can understand how they are contributing to the success of the business.

Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows – Burning Platform

In Q2 of 2017 SABB had a burning platform and needed transformational change. The improvement focus was based around visualisation and communication. Using a sprint charter, the team achieved and maintained a 20% improvement in delivery performance.

StandardAero – Creating competitive advantage

Standard Aero identified operational excellence as their core competitive approach. Business growth is based on out performing competition.  During their first year on the Sharing in Growth program they achieved turn around time reductions greater than 50% on focus processes.  With the confidence of these successes they are now working on larger scale ambitious projects for 2018.

TMD Technologies Ltd – Operational improvement

From a crisis situation within their tubes manufacturing facility in 2015 where right first time was at 0%, driving 10% delivery performance, risking customer cancellations, TMD engaged and upskilled their team to progress  to 100% on time in full and industry standard 85% yield, and build the foundation for sustainable growth.

Walker Precision Engineering Ltd – Transforming Walker for 20 by 20

Walker’s ambition to grow within current and new markets will make them a £25m business, strategic projects to prepare for this were critical.  Launched across the business with the support of Sharing in Growth, Walker have engaged their workforce and driven focussed productivity improvements in preparation for growth.

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Register Your Interest
There are limited places available on our Sharing in Growth programme. Companies interested to find out how the programme can improve their competitiveness and productivity can request more info here.
In line with COVID19 precautions, the Sharing in Growth offices are working remotely. Please contact us on: or 01332 269096.