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Castle showcases five year journey

Castle showcases five year journey
Castle Precision Engineering Sharing in Growth STAR Day

Castle Precision Engineering has hosted a Sharing in Growth STAR Day (Sharing Together Achieves Results) at its Glasgow headquarters.

As one of the first programme beneficiaries, Castle showcased the story of their five year journey with Sharing in Growth and the transformation activity within the business that culminated in their £80m agreement with RR announced in November.

The guests included Mark Merigot and Robert Wright of Gooch & Housego, Reg Stewart and Stephen Kevan of Gentex Europe, William Martin of Martin Aerospace, Dave Stewart and John Houston of Walker Precision and Graeme Hughes and Malcolm Davidson of Standard Aero. Sharing in Growth was represented by Malcolm James, Gary Duncan and Jim Houston.

The day began with an overview of Castle’s markets, products and processes from CEO Yan Tiefenbrun and general manager Iain Rodgers. Castle Precision was founded by Yan’s grandfather more than 60 years ago and now employs 120 people manufacturing high precision critical engine and complex prismatic components supplying a range of Aerospace & Defence customers.

Having explained all the activity that resulted in the new six year LTA with Rolls-Royce with whom Castle has a 35 year relationship, guests were taken on a shopfloor “go see” (tour) of “lighthouse” activity where project engineer Stuart Barbour, quality engineer Chris Wilson and CNC operator Marc Fullerton explained improvements made to the seal plate area to prepare for volume increase. The group also looked at cellular manufacturing on a defence line where Sharing in Growth supported progress was outlined by team leader Billy Palmer.

The tour finished in a refurbished area that is being equipped for future expansion (see video). Since joining Sharing in Growth in 2013 Castle have secured contracts worth more than £175 million and sales have risen from £15 million in 2016 to a forecast £25 million this year.

The second half of the day focused on business development where all participants shared their experiences and took away learning.

Said Jim Houston: “This was the fifth STAR Day in 12 months for the Scottish group of Sharing in Growth beneficiaries. As the maturity of the businesses improves, so too does the quality of the share activity. The hosting beneficiary receives great benefit from the day as it gives them an opportunity to reflect on the changes implemented and achievements of the team. However, the onus is on the visiting beneficiaries to take the best of what they see on the day and implement best practice into their own businesses.”

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Register Your Interest
There are limited places available on our Sharing in Growth programme. Companies interested to find out how the programme can improve their competitiveness and productivity can request more info here.
In line with COVID19 precautions, the Sharing in Growth offices are working remotely. Please contact us on: or 01332 269096.