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Job Vacancies

Sharing in Growth recruiting now

Vision: Developing highly valued manufacturing for this generation and the next.
Mission: Driving the productivity of UK Aerospace to compete globally, securing 10,000 jobs by 2020.

Sharing In Growth UK Limited is a unique venture wanting to make a difference to the UK aerospace manufacturing supply chain. If you are interested in joining us in this journey, we are currently recruiting for the following skill types
to join our growing team.

Engineering & Quality Coach

Your role is to deliver manufacturing improvement activities in aerospace suppliers on the Sharing in Growth programme. You utilise Sharing in Growth diagnostic tools to direct improvement activity and you support these suppliers and external experts to improve manufacturing processes to meet quality, cost, delivery rate and lead time requirements.  

As part of a cross-functional team, your role is to:

  • Develop suppliers by deploying best practice tools
  • Deliver significant cost reduction at selected beneficiary suppliers through analysing and improving manufacturing engineering processes and methods
  • Support and coach beneficiary suppliers to diagnose and resolve technical problems
  • Plan and manage ME related activities, communicating current status to relevant stakeholders
  • Work with external experts to provide technical solutions and best practice covering a range of manufacturing technologies
  • Identify and share manufacturing best practice; capture and utilise lessons learned across suppliers and sectors
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Business Transformation Coach

As part of the Sharing in Growth Programme, your role is to co-ordinate day-to-day activity within aerospace supply chain companies to help them become more competitive.

As part of a cross-functional team, your role is to:

  • Assign SIG functional resource to business critical projects
  • Mentor and coach beneficiary staff
  • Facilitate Improvement activities via standard work-shop approach delivering required teach-points
  • Deliver results through Charters in line with business diagnostic output expectations
  • Review Charter KPI’s plan vs actual understanding reasons for gaps and assigning recovery actions accordingly
  • Plan SiG team work-load and monitor team member performance
  • Facilitate review meetings, report progress, escalate slippage and initiate any recovery plan
  • Develop and share best practice case studies

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Procurement & Sales Coach

Your role is to influence, mentor and train aerospace suppliers on the Sharing in Growth programme to support the development and execution of the Purchasing and Supply Chain functions. You support process development, deployment, improvement, compliance and maturity throughout the purchasing function, delivering step changes in improvement, standardisation and the reduction of non-value added activities.

As part of a cross-functional team, your role is to:

  • Determine the maturity of supplier relationships
  • Understand the effectiveness of cost management including development of supplier and commodity strategies
  • Review current sourcing strategy and determine the effectiveness of supplier performance
  • Fully assess the robustness of the suppliers’ internal processes and procedures to determine and identify process improvements using a detailed diagnostic / technical assessment
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Cost & Estimating Coach

Your role is to ensure that cost management and associated processes of aerospace suppliers on the Sharing in Growth programme are capable of meeting and continuously improving their overall cost competitiveness and ability to win and retain customer contracts. This includes helping to direct improvement activities and to develop and implement appropriate cost modelling, Request For Quotation, New Product Introduction and other key cost management practices.

As part of a multi-disciplined team, your responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in development of the necessary skills to embed the required cost analysis capability in the supply chain, ensuring best practice is shared across the business
  • Establish suitable cost models within the suppliers and provide training and coaching to support efficient use of resource
  • Assisting in Make vs Buy analysis and developing best practice Request For Quotation and fully closed loop New Product Introduction processes
  • Advising on financial control e.g. activity based costing, value stream accounting and budget control
  • Coaching and mentoring to optimise cost benefits across the product lifecycle
  • Sharing knowledge of new technologies and their beneficial impact on future costs
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