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Our Product

The UK aerospace sector is the European leader and global number two. Its world class capabilities in the manufacture of some of the most sophisticated and high value parts of modern aircraft has created a high-tech and high-skill industry. With 3,000 companies and 230,000 employees, the sector creates massive economic benefits for the UK.

The aerospace industry is expected to double in size over the next 10 years with a forecast for 27,000 new passenger aircraft in addition to 40,000 commercial helicopters by 2030.

To capitalise on this growth opportunity, suppliers need to constantly invest in their ability to deliver competitive performance. Funded by industry and the Regional Growth Fund, Sharing in Growth UK was set up in 2013 and is delivering a £250M programme of intensive four year aerospace business transformation to around 60 UK aerospace suppliers. By focussing on leadership, strategy, culture, skills and operational excellence, this ambitious and innovative business transformation programme is improving the global competitiveness of the UK supply chain.

The programme is backed by the aviation industry through a customer protocol with leading aerospace primes and by the Aerospace Growth Partnership’s Supply Chain Competitiveness Charter. Signed by the sector’s leading civil aerospace manufacturers, the Charter has been designed to strengthen relationships between the large companies and their suppliers so that they work together more effectively to raise productivity and competitiveness.

Open Charter in new window (PDF)

The UK Aerospace Supply Chain Competitiveness Charter

Download our "Why" PDF
Sharing in Growth UK Ltd (SiG) is an independent organisation created with:
  • £80m by the Regional Growth Fund
  • The agility to deliver this ambitious programme
  • The controls to effectively use public and private funding
SiG brings together a team of professionals consisting of:
  • Engineering & Quality Coach
  • Business Transformation Coach
  • Procurement Coach
  • Cost & Estimating Coach
  • Business Development Coach
There are also associated subject matter experts in:
  • Self belief and motivation
  • Impactful communication
  • Procurement specialists
  • Strategy
The company has attracted a board of highly respected Directors representing UK high value manufacturing. Rolls-Royce, as a sponsor and delivery expert, will provide some of the leaders and experts who can draw on their company’s knowledge and experience of substantial change over many years. These will be supplemented by professionals drawn from the delivery experts that have successfully bid to join the programme. A number of additional experts are still to be selected.

See our current delivery experts Download our "who" PDF
Sharing in Growth is an ambitious transformation programme which raises the capability of UK aerospace suppliers in order to share in the growth of aerospace and other global markets.

The scheme provides concentrated training and development programmes tailored to the assessed needs of each supplier and targeted at world class standards of performance. The training and development covers all relevant disciplines, including lean operations, manufacturing processes, purchasing, cost modelling and leadership.

Following the appraisal of applications, the four-year Sharing in Growth programme involves three successive phases:

Engage (10-12 weeks) – Your company will undergo a diagnostic assessment of all key aspects of the business, to identify how we can best help you. We will agree the most important areas and create a supplier development charter of appropriate training which becomes the basis of the business case.

Develop (typically 2 years) – We will provide leadership training for your management team; business improvement training (NVQ2/3) for your staff; and tailored high-intensity development training covering areas such as lean production, modern manufacturing, sub tier management, cost management. All training will be provided by industry experts and specialists contracted to work on the Sharing in Growth programme.

Sustain (typically 2-3 years) – We will provide on-going support, based on the issues identified in the previous stages, ensuring that the improvements to your company are embedded.

Within the Engage phase, the diagnostic will inform us of the areas that will have the greatest impact on competitive performance and create a bespoke plan of action to accelerate your growth. It is anticipated that this could cover six core areas:

Lean production systems – Assessment and introduction of lean principles to supplier operations. Typical gains include increase in productivity, shortened lead times and a reduction in inventory.

Manufacturing capability – Assessment of manufacturing processes, cycle times and manufacturing technology. Typical gains include increased machine productivity, reduced cycle times and improved right first time.

Supply chain management – Assessment of purchasing, supplier management and supply chain design and execution. Typical gains include reduction of purchase cost and improvement in sub-tier management and performance.

Value improvement – Cost optimisation and simulation. Assessment of overheads and cost drivers based on benchmarking and best practice. Typical gains include identification of cost drivers and reduction in total cost.

Strategy & finance – Assessment of strategy development and financial business planning. Typical gains include a focussed business strategy and financial planning to deliver growth.

Capability assessment – Assessment and development of leadership behaviours to manage the challenges of growth in a global industry.

The Key Performance Indicator of this programme is growth. This will be measured by the value of contracts you retain or win, as a result of this programme. Sharing in Growth UK Ltd will use this information to assess economic impact in the UK, including jobs.

Download our "who" PDF
SiG works best with those suppliers that:

Strive to be globally competitive
Have the ambition to grow
Aspire to move from good to great

The criteria for eligibility is important to show you can absorb the training into your company, the key criteria is your ambition to grow.

Are you a UK manufacturer?
Are you working in the UK aerospace sector or associated industries?
Are you willing to commit to this intensive supplier development programme?
Are you willing to grow and increase sales and have the capacity and capital to do so?
Do you have the appetite to take your company’s performance from good to great?

If you answer YES to all of the above questions, then please apply to be a beneficiary of the programme. See below a testimonial of a signed beneficiary.

“SiG offers each business partner a quicker road to sustained and vital improvements. SiG has a proven tool box and methodology to improve your business.” Tom Barrett, Sigma Precision Components Ltd

Your commitment

Sharing in Growth is an intense programme of business development designed specifically to accelerate growth in your business. Consequently you will need to integrate this into your business plan and commit people accordingly. The programme provides approximately £1 million of Regional Growth Fund support per project over four years. You must match the cost of the support with an equivalent in kind contribution, typically from the cost of your people being trained. Your commitment is therefore essential in getting full benefit from the training but also ensuring that your in kind contribution satisfies relevant state aid contribution criteria. To comply with Regional Growth Fund conditions, you will be required to report progress towards agreed targets specified in the Beneficiary Agreement and confirm of your in-kind contribution. Sharing in Growth UK Ltd will incur the costs of all trainers provided and recover these costs directly from the Regional Growth Fund. We will assign a business transformation manager who will discuss with you the reporting requirements and the payment process for the programme.

Download our "who" PDF
Expression of interest

This form is to express interest and will be used to assess eligibility to the programme. Successful applicants will then be invited to carry out a detailed business diagnostic to provide substantive information to support the full application.

Download our "How" PDF

Download the expression of interest form (PDF)

Download the expression of interest form (Word format)

Eligibility guidance

It is expected that sites with a turnover of between £10M and £40M will benefit most from this level of intensity and that each site improvement programme would require approximately £1M of Regional Growth Fund support to deliver. Any Regional Growth Fund support would need to be financially matched by the applicant in line with State Aid rules.

Description Explanation
UK based The aim of the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) is to create jobs in England. RGF may be willing to recover funds from other UK development agencies to enable Scottish, Welsh or Northern-Irish suppliers who strongly satisfy other criteria to take part in the programme.
Aerospace sector The aim of the programme is to create UK jobs for the aerospace sector and other related high value manufacturing sectors.
Commitment An individual supplier’s improvement programme is expected to be £2M gross value, of which each supplier will need to commit to at least £1M contribution to their programme over four years.
Demand side factors In order to maximise job creation, suppliers will be judged by their potential to increase sales, with endorsement from a key customer. It is expected that companies will have a current turnover of >£10M to be able to embrace the intensity of training and deliver substantial growth for customers globally.
Capability and Competitiveness In order for the programme to be successful suppliers will need to compete globally. The benefitting suppliers will need to demonstrate that the available funds are sufficient to accelerate improvements to deliver globally competitive performance.
Commodity Manufacture or repair of products for aerospace or related sectors.
  • "The sustained support provided by Sharing in Growth is creating an environment in which companies throughout the supply chain can thrive. This translates into a globally competitive aerospace industry, capable of winning contracts in tough international markets, and underpins the industry's valuable contribution to national prosperity."

    Paul EverittPaul EverittADS Group
  • "Support of the Sharing in Growth programme is a key part of our investment to ensure the future skills and competitiveness of our UK aerospace supply chain."

    Paul KohlmeierPaul KohlmeierLockheed Martin
  • "Sharing in Growth now represents an absolutely best-in-class, finely-honed business growth programme for this country's high potential, but smaller aerospace companies"

    Andrew ChurchillAndrew ChurchillJJ Churchill Precision Engineering
  • "The approach that Sharing in Growth has taken is unique in my 30 years' experience of the aerospace and defence electronics manufacturing industry"

    Tim TattonTim TattonAmphenol Invotec
  • "GE Aviation is delighted to be involved with the Sharing in Growth programme as it is fundamental to our customers and to delivering results in an uncertain environment for suppliers to continually improve their quality, cost and delivery"

    Jonathan WaltonGE Aviation
  • "Boeing supports the Sharing in Growth initiative. Boeing has doubled its UK workforce since 2011 and has more than doubled its spending with the UK supply chain since 2012. Boeing looks forward to continuing to grow our partnership with the UK and its spending in the supply chain, which was worth £1.8 billion in 2015"

    Sir Michael ArthurSir Michael ArthurBoeing Europe, UK and Ireland
  • "Airbus is a major employer in UK aerospace, contributing more than £2B annually to the economy through more than 1,000 UK suppliers, around half of which are SMEs. We fully support Sharing in Growth and look forward to it being fully embraced by the extended supply chain"

    Mark StewartMark StewartAirbus in the UK
  • "It is important that Rolls- Royce has a competitive UK supply chain. We employ over 24,000 employees in the UK and support an additional 90,000 jobs in the supply chain. As we grow to meet the demands of our record order book we hope to see our supply chain grow with us. This is why we whole heartedly support Sharing in Growth and its objective of increasing the competitiveness of the UK supply chain"

    Warren EastWarren EastRolls-Royce
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Register Your Interest
Register Your Interest
There are limited places available on our Sharing in Growth programme. Companies interested to find out how the programme can improve their competitiveness and productivity can request more info here.
In line with COVID19 precautions, the Sharing in Growth offices are working remotely. Please contact us on: or 01332 269096.