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Metrology training hits the mark at Poeton Industries

Metrology training hits the mark at Poeton Industries

Leading surface engineering specialists Poeton Industries has trained 75 of its shop floor staff in metrology – the scientific study of measurement. This represents one of Sharing in Growth’s largest training interventions to date as it works to improve the competitiveness of the UK aerospace industry supply chain.

The company, which provides a wide choice of surface treatments to customers worldwide, organised the training with NPL, the National Physical Laboratory, the UK’s National Measurement Institute, as part of the Sharing in Growth (SiG) programme.

As a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology, NPL first carried out a product verification health check at Poeton’s Gloucester and Cardiff sites.

This identified that both sites were working to micron tolerances and needed a standardised training procedure for the use of measuring devices.

Two hour classroom training sessions were then delivered to small groups at both sites. The practical training focused on measurement devices and bore gauges which are also used on a daily basis. The topics covered the variety of gauges available and their applications, pre checks before use, correct use during application and post checks after use. The training also covered maintenance, calibration and accessories.

To sustain the improvement, Poeton will now use the same standard training as refresher courses and for new staff.

Said Poeton’s group quality manager Andy Haywood: “The training course was an excellent presentation, giving a good overview and emphasising the need to look after and maintain inspection equipment.”

Said Sharing in Growth operations executive Malcolm James: “Measurement is critical to the aerospace industry to the NPL training and support offered by the Sharing in Growth programme always has a big impact. To date more than £10 million in savings have been identified from measurement improvements among programme participants.

“The training will be of significant benefit to Poeton who work to extremely tight tolerances. It also marks a milestone for SiG as 75 people is the biggest single subject training course delivered on the programme so far. Altogether we have delivered more than 1.5 million hours of training and enabled companies to secure more than £2 billion in contracts so we are well on target to delivered our planned 10,000 jobs by 2020.”

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