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STAR Days at Poeton and Sigmatex

STAR Days at Poeton and Sigmatex
Sharing in Growth STAR day at Poeton
Sharing in Growth STAR day at Poeton

Poeton Industries hosted the latest Sharing in Growth STAR Day (Sharing Together Achieves Results) at its headquarters in Gloucester in August.

The event was hosted by Poeton managing director Darren Burge and was attended by Steve Davies and Agi Bieniek from SL Engineering, Aimee Walsh and Mark Smallman from Helander Precision, Matt Jones and Jackie Howell from Oxley Group, Joshua Fade from G&H Ilminster and Kim Clark and James Hart from Tods Aerospace.

The morning session was split into two activities. The Poeton thermal spray department shared their lighthouse activity and the successes they have seen from co-locating their team and processes alongside implementing the tools and techniques within the maturity matrix. Group director of operations Sean Needham and technical improvement meanager Andy Goscombe took the audience through Poeton’s near four-year journey on SiG, highlighting the strategic elements they feel have been key to making their programme a success, and the key lessons they wanted the other beneficiaries to understand from their experiences.

After lunch the teams took part in a fresh eyes session on the planning cycle where the participants shared successes from their own organisations, and potential ways to improve in areas where all the companies were struggling. This was facilitated by Matthew Taylor general manager from Poeton Gloucester and SiG business transformation coaches Alastair Culshaw and Dan Cramp.

The feedback on the day was extremely positive with the guests praising Poeton’s openness in sharing their journey and the positive results and impact on morale their lighthouse had delivered.

Said Ashlea Finn, SiG business transformation manager: “With new lighthouse activity due to start in a number of the attending beneficiaries, this STAR day highlights the impact these days can have. The attendees can steal with pride the successes of the Poeton team and share the benefits with their colleagues who are about to start their own lighthouse journeys.”

Sharing in Growth STAR day at Sigmatex
Sharing in Growth STAR day at Sigmatex

A STAR day at Sigmatex looked at engaging the whole organisation through policy deployment and leadership behaviours. Specifically, attendees from Carpenter Additive, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Safran Helicopter Engines and Rockford took part in a SWOT analysis against the ‘7 Experiments’ of business plan deployment and the expected behaviours at different levels in the business, asking the questions: working on the business or in the business?

As a result of the Sigmatex STAR day, attendees took a number of actions including revising SQDCP boards to engage local ownership, introducing a tiered governance and escalation process and using cascade in policy deployment.

Said Rockford general manager Chris Parsonage: “The Sigmatex STAR day was collaborative, specific and interesting, with valuable networking and sharing of lean processes and methodology.  Rockford was impressed with the Sigmatex lighthouse cell SQDCP boards, and our best take away was the “power of pen” which was duplicated within 24hrs at our Worksop facilities, a massive thank you to the Sigmatex Team!”

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